About Me

In Anglo-Saxon, a distinction is made between “left-brained” and “right-brained artist”. The approach to creating a work is roughly translated into German. So whether the artist is inspired by the head or the belly. Well – with everything that does not exist (or cannot be observed directly), a certain portion of imagination is part of the representation. It depends on how much imagination is involved or how close the artwork should be based on reality. Since I do not want to be pigeonholed in my artistic work (unfortunately this happens far too often in life), I defend myself against it and call myself a “result-oriented artist”.


Vita I discovered the light of the world in 1968 in Recklinghausen. So I spent my first years of life in the 1970’s. My childhood was shaped by the achievements of space travel. The film industry took up the topic and transported it to the present day. At the time, hardly a boy could get around the subjects of space travel and astronomy, so it is not surprising that I was also deeply impressed by it. What sets me apart from many other peers is the fact that I have retained this fascination and continue to live to this day. After graduating from high school, I started studying electrical engineering. As a result, I not only gained profound knowledge in engineering, but also gained knowledge in the natural sciences. Both helped me to understand “… what holds the world together at its core” (Goethe). Already in my youth I was enthusiastic about what exists far away from the earth and cannot be observed – let alone visited – directly by us. To illustrate these extraterrestrial phenomena, artists and illustrators, then as now, repeatedly created illustrations that I admire. When I was offered a degree in airbrush design, I agreed. I was very lucky to be able to learn from Roland Kuck. It enables me to use art as a “link between head and belly” to portray what many don’t even dare to dream of. The completion of six semesters of airbrush studies and the first publications in print media confirm my decision to continue the path as a space art artist.